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Epoxy Flooring Moncton

Epoxy Flooring Moncton

If you enjoy spending some quality time in your garage woking on your latest project, playing some tunes and perhaps drinking a beer, you know the feeling of the anticipated solitude that you desire by just puttering around and relaxing after a long day at the job. Would’t it feel especially exciting to think about the added pleasure that would come with customized professionally installed epoxy flooring in Moncton. When you put as much time into your garage as you do, there is no need to settle for a greasy and oil stained floor that makes the rest of your work area seem like an undesirable place for you to retreat to. Garage Kings has the one of a kind resources and professional know how that can change the entire style and image of your garage, allowing you the feeling of pride and accomplishment for the life of your garage.

About Us

Garage Kings is considered the most experienced and trusted company that installs epoxy flooring in Moncton and all of its surrounding communities because we pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and continuing education that allows us to keep on top of any new developments within the epoxy flooring industry. We strive to maintain the highest standards of workmanship and the proper equipment and supplies that are required for every job site that we visit. All of our flake epoxy garage floors come with a transferrable twenty one year adhesion guarantee that we wouldn’t be able to offer to you unless we were 100% confident that we know what we’re doing when it comes to installing quality epoxy flooring. Our complete confidence speaks for itself when we install any flake flooring job that offers this kind of a guarantee.

Although we have several color blends and flooring types that are standard in our packaging, you can always request us to customize your garage flooring any way that you would like us to. We can customize any color blends that you desire to match the decor of your home and more importantly, your garage. You can request that your favorite sports team logos are displayed throughout the flooring or any other kind of unique and original ideas that you may have. We offer three types of standard flooring types that include our signature polyaspartic flake flooring, which 80% of our clients ultimately choose, our custom marbled epoxy floor and our most affordable solid epoxy floor.

Contact Us

If you feel that you would like some additional information about all of the benefits that epoxy flooring in Moncton would bring to your garage, Garage Kings would like you to take look around our web site and check out some of the exciting completed projects that we have posted in our gallery at garagekings.ca. On our home page you can leave your contact information and a brief description about your next flooring project. You can also simply call us at 866.417.5464 and speak with one of our knowledgeable and professional team members for any questions or comments that you may have.

Epoxy Flooring Moncton
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Epoxy Flooring Moncton