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Flake Floors Moncton

Flake Floors Moncton

If you are like most guys, you tend to spend a significant part of your time enjoying the solitude of being in your garage. Whether you are working on your project car that you have been investing several years in, or perhaps you have a good workshop in there where you are working on your latest project, you always try to keep your garage looking as nice as the rest of your home. If you have done any research about what it would take to have a beautiful looking, durable epoxy floor in your garage, you know that this is the type of job that needs to be done right the first time, saving you significant money and time. Garage Kings has been providing years of experienced professionally installed flake floors in Moncton for all of our valued clients for over the last several years.

About Our Services

Garage Kings is considered the top rated, number one garage floor epoxy specialists that offer the durability and strength of flake floors in Moncton and throughout the British Columbia region, giving your garage a brand new, customized look that you can be proud of. One of our specialties, that we truly enjoy, is being able to create a customized flooring that is exactly to your specifications, such as having your favorite sports team logos displayed throughout the floor, or perhaps your car’s make and model insignia on full display on your floor. Whatever type of idea that you can come up with, we can transfer it to your floor and truly make it a one of a kind garage floor that you will be proud to show your friends and family.

We have a specific process that we follow with every new flooring project that we undertake, which allows us to professionally and proficiently install your floor through the same methods that we are accustomed to always ensure that the job is performed right. First, we protect the rest of your home from the coating by tarping off the mixing area and then we utilize diamond grinding equipment to deep clean and open the pores of the concrete which allows it to hold the coating for an extended period of time. We then make repairs on minor cracks and pits in the concrete, and we have the professional know how to treat a floor in almost any condition.

Contact Us

If you would like some additional information on the benefits that flake floors in Moncton would create for your garage floor, Garage Kings would like to invite you to visit our web site at garagekings.ca and take a look at the gallery of exciting garage floors that we have created and professionally installed for some of our most grateful clients. You can also learn about the complete process of our flooring installation and the guarantees that come along with it, ensuring a long lasting, stain resistant floor. You can also call us at 866.417.5464 and speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable customer service reps. 

Flake Floors Moncton
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Flake Floors Moncton