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Garage Floors Calgary

Garage Floors Calgary

When you spend a good amount of your time in your garage, you want to keep it looking as nice as the rest of your home, but you may find this becoming a tireless endeavor when trying to keep the floor looking good by continuously scrubbing the oil spots and trying to some how remove the rust and other damage that comes with the climate and the weather that it sometimes comes in contact with. If you have been considering contacting an experienced and professional garage floor epoxy specialist that installs beautiful, customized garage floors in Calgary, you will want to choose a well established, dedicated company that can exhibit the proven results of the benefits that go along with a new epoxy garage floor. Garage Kings has been installing the finest and most durable garage floors to all of our valued clients for over the past several years.

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There are considerable questions that many people have about our unique and original flooring concepts that we offer with our garage floor installations and the advantages that come along with it, such as, whether our floors are slip resistant, which they are because of the perfect blend of texture that we have found and include in all of floor coatings. We highly suggest that you wait 24-48 hours before you park or drive on your floor, but your belongings can be put back into place after 24 hours. Our floors are extremely durable and resistant to tire marks, oil, rust and salt, which means that you won’t have to think about your brand new floor for many years to come.

Garage Kings is the leader in the preparation and installation of garage floors in Calgary, because of the competence and education that we mandate of ourselves that allows us the confidence to offer a transferrable twenty one year adhesion guarantee for every flake floor that we install. This is something that we don’t take lightly, which is why we have an intense and comprehensive five step process that literally takes care to ensure that every detail is taken care of as we begin the installation process all the way through until the end. We offer six color blends that you can choose from, and we can also mix a customized color blend to your exact specifications to match the decor of your home and especially your garage.

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If you would like some additional information on the many exclusive benefits that you can take advantage of in allowing the professional installation of any of the garage floors in Calgary that we offer, Garage Kings would like to invite you to look around on our web site to learn a little more about the services and solutions that we propose to ensure a stress-free and beneficial experience for you at Here, you can leave your contact information and a brief description on the type of garage flooring ideas that you may be interested in. 


Garage Floors Calgary
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Garage Floors Calgary